Madonna and Guy are divorcing

Another one bites the dust

So, the rumours were true after all.  I thought something wasn’t quite right when Madge adopted David Banda and had a family portrait done with her children – but without Guy.

Apparently, she’s got Fiona Shackleton as her lawyer (the lady who represented Paul McCartney and looked a hundred times hotter after Heather Mills chucked a jug of water over her).

From dated to chic: Fiona Shackleton turned into a posh
bit of totty when Heather Mills gave her a soaking.

We could have another messy divorce of Mucca proportions here as there’s allegedly no prenup between Madge and Guy. 

Well, just goes to show, that you can’t have it all. Madonna has a fabulous career, bags of money, good looks and a hot body – yet she couldn’t make her marriage last. 

The same can be said for so many female stars who have a string of failed romances trailing behind them. Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Jessica Simpson are just a few who seem doomed to be eternally single!

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