Chanel likes actresses with annoying faces

Do you remember the good old days when fashion companies used, y’know, models to advertise their goods? Not so much anymore.

Chanel especially likes getting celebrity faces, and I sometimes wonder at the choices they make. First they had the eternally irritating Keira Knightley, whose face is constantly in turbo-pout.

Yeah, we know love, you
have lips.

And now they’ve gone and replaced her with Hermione! Oh my god. Emma Watson. As Chandler Bing would say, could she be any more annoying? Whereas Keira pouts and preens while contorting her boyish frame into forced poses, Emma keeps her features in an infuriating state of snugness.

A face that says: “I’m only 18
and worth millions!”

Hopefully Emma’s contract won’t stretch to TV commercials too. We definitely do not need to hear Hermione’s over-pronounced consonants in between episodes of Britain’s Next top Model (my love! we meet again tonight!). Mind you nothing can be worse than pop-eyed Nicole Kidman’s acting in the Chanel No.5 advert.

Altogether now … “Drive!

3 thoughts on “Chanel likes actresses with annoying faces

  1. i think emma is a lovely girl who needs less noses in her busness she was caught with a bad look on our face most people make weirder faces than that this just shows that she is normal


  2. haha, I’m sure this writer isn’t at all jealous of the beautiful and talented Knightley and Watson. Both accomplished and respected actresses as well as being beautiful. I’d rather see them than some faceless model, they have a bit of character. One can only imagine what the sour-faced hag, who writes this blog looks like!
    Envy is an ugly emotion.


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